Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lunch Money

Lunch Money

Written by Andrew Clements

Illustrated by Brian Selznick

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2005

ISBN #: 978-0-689-86683-8

Greg Kenton has a knack for making money. When he decides to sell comic books at school, he discovers that his latest money making scheme won't be quite so easy. First he discovers a competitor in his neighbor, Maura Shaw. When the two put their differences aside to join forces, they face a bigger obstacle in their principal, Mrs. Davenport. With the help of their math teacher, Mr. Zenotopoulous they might be able to make money after all.
My Thoughts About This Book:
Andrew Clements knows how to write a story that kids can relate to and enjoy. A testament to this fact is evident when you look for his books on my library shelves--there are none! Lunch Money is no exception to his kid-friendly writing style. I enjoyed reading this book and seeing how Greg was going to problem solve his money making problems. The characters Clements creates in this book are believable, likable people that you find yourself rooting for as you read. I like how Clements portrayed the character of Greg as one who thought things through to create a workable situation for his and Maura's plans. Having an adult character who supported Greg's and Maura's plans like Mr. Zenotopoulous, helped give believability to many of the situations you might not picture students doing on their own. (Such as confronting the school board.) I can see this book being a great one to jump start off a unit on economics and making money. It could lead to discussions about ways students could earn money to help their school.
Review Excerpts:
From School Library Journal: "Clements has created another clever, enterprising young protagonist in Greg...Along with providing a fast-paced and humorous story line, the author examines concepts of true wealth, teamwork, community mindedness, and the value of creative expression. The characters are rich with interesting quirks and and humorous."

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