Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Gingerbread Girl

The Gingerbread Girl

Written and Illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Publisher: Dutton Childrens Books, 2006

ISBN #: 0-525-47667-9


The sweet little old couple who baked the Gingerbread Boy only to lose him to a hungry fox, have decided to try again. Only this time, they bake a Gingerbread Girl hoping she will want to stay at home. However, the Gingerbread Girl has other plans, and when she is done baking she hops out of the oven and takes off running. Only this time, the Gingerbread Girl plans are for the sly fox who ate her brother. Her plan results in a houseful of guests for the old couple who created her, and they will always be surrounded by friends.

My Thoughts About This Book:

What a fun twist to the Gingerbread Man story we all know and love! I love that the Gingerbread Girl was wise enough to outfox the fox. Ernst's delightful illustrations add a light, fun feel to the story. Readers can't help but smile and root for the clever Gingerbread Girl as she learns from her brother's mistakes and cleverly makes it past the fox. This book is a natural fit to pair with the original Gingerbread Man story, and will delight students as they compare the two tales.

Review Excerpts:

From Booklist: "...she turns out to be a smart cookie with a clever plan, a twist that's the most innovative part of the story. Ernst's familiar art, here placed against gingham-check backgrounds, utilizes the oversize format to best advantage, with large characters leaping out of their frames. On the cover, the candy-studded Gingerbread Girl with licorice-whip hair stares boldly out at readers. Kids won't be able to resist following her inside."

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