Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Fine, Fine School

A Fine, Fine School
Written By Sharon Creech

Illustrated By Harry Bliss

Publisher: Joanna Cotler Books, 2001

ISBN #: 0-06-027737-8


Mr. Keene thinks his school is fine. So fine that students should come to it more often--Saturdays, Sundays, and even the SUMMER! While it seemed like a good idea, the students soon realize their missing out on quite a bit of life being at school all of the time. One student, Tillie takes it upon herself to show Mr. Keene that their school is a fine place, but not so fine that they need to spend all of their time there.

My Thoughts About This Book:

This story is every student's worst nightmare! It is a good thing that Sharon Creech makes it such a fun read that students enjoy reading or listening to their worst fears unfold in this fictitious school. This story was engaging, and fun to read. Harry Bliss's illustrations help add to the fun of the story--I LOVE the facial expressions on the students as Mr. Keene continues to add school days. This story would be a great beginning of year book to share with students as they anticipate the coming school year.

Review Excerpts:

From Booklist (Starred Review): "This book has it all: a fine, fresh idea; a witty text that's fun to read aloud; and, most of all, intelligent, amusing art that provides an extra load of laughs. Bliss, an award-winning cartoonist at The New Yorker, takes a good idea and flies with it. He captures the initial intensity of the classroom and elevates it to the blissfully absurd, as banners spring up in the cafeteria ("Why not study while you chew?") and the children wear signs on their huge, stuffed backpacks that read, "How's my walking?" The closer one looks, the more laughs there are, and everyone--kids, parents, teachers, even principals--will want to look more than once."

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